Property is a tremendously exciting industry. Historically real estate has typically outperformed as an asset class and great fortunes are made and lost when the cycle turns up or down. At Shape our team really understand this and have experienced the highs and the lows firsthand. The lessons we have learned and our ability we have to quickly adapt our investment strategies to current circumstances are our greatest assets.

A classic property generalisation is that “you make your money when you buy”. Buying at the right price in the right location at the right time makes it a lot easier to be a great success. Of course it’s only much later on that you can fully just the effectiveness of your decisions.

At Shape we ensure we aim to optimise the odds for ourselves and our investors. We do this by:

  • Understanding our market well - we keep our focus on London. Arguably the greatest location for real estate investment.
  • Taking a somewhat contrarian approach - we target niche asset classes that are often overlooked by larger investors and/or unloved by their owners. We like to make low offers when others are too fearful to bid at all.
  • Bringing in best of breed partners – we learn from the best to build our own expertise.
  • Keeping one ear to the ground – we may look a little funny when we walk down the road but we identify and sometimes create extraordinary opportunities by maintaining strong relationships with agencies, auction houses, fund managers and industry publications. We also keep a watchful eye, an open mind and an open door at all times.
  • Moving quickly – we are decisive, well informed & confident investors and have the ability to make difficult assets perform exceptionally well.